Cloud computing is an essential next step in the evolution of computer technology. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, cloud computing simplifies business computing by eliminating on-site servers and storage. In cloud computing, the Internet is the cloud that holds your business servers and storage, allowing you to add capacity, increase capabilities and expand your infrastructure on the fly. Cloud computing releases you from responsibility for hardware, so you never again have to worry about replacing outdated hardware.

You manage user profiles and set permissions, and then it takes just a simple PC with an Internet connection for employees to gain access to the resources you allow, whether employees are located in one office or several, working at their desks, from home or on the road. We provide and maintain the hardware and keep it up to date. Your employees simply log on and start working.

At Maximus Technologies, we can help you assess cloud computing models and options, determine if cloud computing is right for you and, if so, which computing models and options make the most sense. We offer expert analysis of your current infrastructure and straightforward guidance to help you make decisions that truly serve your needs.