Eagle TG provides a wide spectrum of Information Technology (IT) services to our clients.  However, we understand the special requirements when supporting clients in the Health Care community.

Software Engineering/Application Development. Special understanding and emphasis must be placed on Protected Health Information (PHI) for enterprise solutions and applications supporting Health Care.  Our staff is experienced in protecting both Personally Identified Information (PII) and PHI both on-premises and in cloud-based solutions.

IT Operations & Maintenance.  Health Care operations are powered by IT.  We have experience supporting clients with records digitization; system, application, and database administration (including data containing PII and PHI).  Understanding the special requirements present in the Health Care community enables our team to engineer, plan, and deliver the services your Health Care organization needs to be successful.

Telecommunications.  Supporting telecommunications within a Health Care facility requires focused training and an understanding of the special requirements present.  Eagle TG has experience meeting these requirements, from handling potential exposure to PHI to the need to maintain a dust-free working environment.  

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).  Eagle TG has a great deal of experience in implementing DAS solutions in Health Care facilities.  DAS can provide health care employees, patients, and visitors with un-interrupted and reliable access to their cellular carriers.